Game Story


--What is Riten-Kyo?--
During the Edo period, the Shogunate created a Thug's
Lair on a small island in the nearby seas to accommodate
and to rehabilitate the prisoners.
But some plotted to destroy the Shogunate using the Thug's
Lair to reshape a new country with person of their choosing.
They are called "HAGYO Razor Trio".
They extended their power, attracting thousands of prisoners
by their strength.
In the Thug's Lair, the strong preyed upon the weak and
law of any kind disappeared. The place became known as

--A story of the beginning.--
Three persons are looking down at
the city from the hill.
One of them is a man who poss-
-esses a long sword, and another
is a fair fascinating woman. One
thing common to the two is they
both have red eyes.
Behind them, an old man is sta-
-nding. He seems calm-hearted.

The woman speaks:
"Some nuisances are entering
Riten-kyo now."
The tall man responds:
"We don't need to move.Enemies
themselves will come to where we
Peace will visit them in the end."

With their own motives,warriors are
gathering in Riten-Kyo.