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Manufacturer : SNK

The Action Game at the Speed of Sound Here, on NEOGEO POCKET COLOR!!

Sonic takes off to save his forest friends from the evil Dr. Robotnik!

The purpose of the game is to clear a zone by sweeping enemies with spin jumps while collecting rings. Each zone is divided into Act 1 and Act 2. You must cross the goal plate to clear Act 1. To clear Act 2, you must defeat the mechanisms of Dr. Robotnik and free all animals trapped in capsules.

He jumps! He dashes! He spins! Sonic's unstoppable!

There're 3 rooms, TRIAL ROOM, DUEL ROOM and PUZZLE ROOM.Complete the Puzzle with the Photo Piece panels! What is it?...
Plug in the Link Cable (sold separately) for 2-Player VS Mode Battle with a Buddy!

* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development.
* Game text of the actual product is all in English.

SONIC THE HEDGHOG is a registered trademark or a trademark of Sega Enterprises,Ltd.