Genre :

Digital Card Battle
Manufacturer : SNK

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The extreme match, that everybody has at least once dreamed, is finally here!!
This is the first stage of the dream project!

Two type softwares < SNK CARD FIGHTERS VERSION > and < CAPCOM CARD FIGHTERS VERSION >, which have different heroes and heroines. About 300 kinds of cards are coming from SNK and CAPCOM versions! Feel the profundity of strategic card battle!

Three game modes in all:
*** In the RPG type "Story Mode", try hard to win the championship!
*** In the "Trade Mode", you can trade your cards!
*** In the"2P Battle Mode", let's start the exciting digital card battle with your friend! In this mode, select from 3 kinds of matches which vary in the rule setting.
Using NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE, the playground will spread in .

* All game screen images are in development and some of them are attached on the screens.
* "SNK vs CAPCOM Card Fighters'Clash" is manufactured and distributed by SNK Corporation under the license from CAPCOM CO., LTD.
* CAPCOM is a registered trademark of CAPCOM CO., LTD.