Fighting action
Manufacturer:SNK Corporation.

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A colorful, awesome sword battle that is simply H-O-T! Three new characters draw fresh blood: Asura, Taizan Morosumi, Charlotte! And don't forget the mysterious Prompter!

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Unique weapons in the "Samurai Shodown" series providing game tension have been wonderfully reproduced. The game modes "1P PLAY," "SURVIVAL," and "VS PLAY" are full of exciting game play. Moreover, getting Graphic Cards during game play!

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The player can choose either "Chivalry" or "Treachery" as two possible personalities, and even though it's the same character, your selection will cause the character's basic personality and fighting technique to change.
*** There are differences in performance (offensive and defensive capabilities) and techniques available for use in fighting. (Not everything is different. Some similarities still remain.)

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Meet various conditions in the game and get Graphic Cards! These offer new Methods of Meyhem to get the edge over your opponents! By using the separately sold NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE, you can trade collected graphic cards with other players.

* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development.