32M LinkCable

Genre :

Manufacturer : SNK CORP.

Time marches on since the success of First Mission. And the Rebel Forces are at it again! What's more, they've made contact with alien visitors and are developing weapons of unimaginable power... It's up to you to attack the enemy base single-handedly and smash their evil ambitions! Get ready to square off against enemies more powerful than ever. The perilous Second Mission is about to begin!!!
  • First, there was Metal Slug. Then, Slug Flyer. And now, Slug Sub submerges for duty!
  • Rapidly rescue hostages you run into to obtain crucial info on game stages and other goodies!
  • Take on the fast and furious, newly added "Time Attack Mode" for unparalleled palm-sweating pleasure!

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* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development.
* Game text of the actual product is all in English.