16M LinkCable
Genre : SIM / RPG
Publisher : SNK
Developer : SACNOTH

Easy operation and rules enable even those who are not good at Simulation Game to play excitingly. For Simulation Game players, strategy like Equipment and Move shows its profundity !

Command Mode
You must meet certain conditions in the mission to shift to next mission. You can get bonus or items in battles. There are 13 kinds of scenario in total!

Mission Mode
In this mode, you can enjoy battles as you like under the pretext of patroling a battle area. Command Mode takes over Bonus or items you get in this mode!

VS. Battle Mode
NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE enables you to play with another player. Bonus or items you get in this VS. Battle are also taken over to other modes!

* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development