16M LinkCable

Genre :

Manufacturer : SNK Corporation

I crave power... Power Lucifer can only imagine!
Therefs a new enforcer in the evil realm of g Dark Realm.h The Beast Buster, hunter of monsters and freaks, has signed a contract with the Devilto obtain the ultimate living weapon. At the terminus of destruction and slaughter, what dark destiny will visit him...
The RPG that will make your HAIR sweat is here!!

Make your Living Weapon!
Plant a parasite gOum,h the essence of living weapons, into an g Seedhto create new Arms. Therefs 30 variations of weapons that are brought to life by gOumsh.

Raise your weapon!
Capture various creatures to feed your weapons and procre new abilities!
Therefs 120 variations of Arms for you to create!

Beat your friend using NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE!
Pack your most prized weapon and face a second player in sizzling two-player game action!
(NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE is sold separately)

* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development