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Manufacturer : DYNA

The Banker or the Playre. Who will win?

Experience the Thrills of NEO BACCARAT, the New Game in the Pocket Casino Series!

Will the House win? Or maybe the Player? Guess on the winner and place your bets! "Baccarat" is the hottest game in the casino. And now you can find all its pulse-pounding excitement on NEOGEO POCKET COLOR! The Pocket Casino Series: NEO BACCARAT. Are you up for the challenge?!

Thrill to the fun of "Original Mode" and "Casino Mode" in Single-Player Games!

Use the NEOGEO POCKET LINK CABLE (sold separately) for 2-Player Showdowns!

Be it American- or European-Style Baccarat, NEOGEO POCKET's got it!

To see explanations of game rules, select the "Game Explanation" item in the Option Menu.

* All of the game contents and screen pictures are from products still under development.
* Game text of the actual product is all in English.