Superduper Story !! Superduper Story !!

The rebellion orchestrated by General Morden to bring about a new global regime is now ancient history, and order and peace has begun to return to the world. Morden, brought back into power, was attempting another coup, but government forces got wind of the plot beforehand and ended it with a blitz attack before it could get started...

Instrumental in quashing Morden's rebel forces, Marco and Tarma of the Peregrine Falcons are ordered to  lead the Falcons after their earlier requests for resignation are denied. Although General Morden has been
written off as "missing," his followers have hid themselves throughout the world, and Marco and Tarma's abilities and experience are seen as a necessity to destroy remaining rebel strongholds, one by one. Throughout
the furious fighting against the holdouts, Marco and Tarma cannot help but feel the presence of Morden's and a third evil plan for world domination.

Morden must be alive!
And he hasn't given up!

Meanwhile, the Sparrows, a special strike force within the governmental intelligence agency, have come across a series of strange events running parallel to their pursuit of General Morden. From trivial abductions of livestock to the disappearance of government big wigs and the appearance of freakishly large creatures, numerous occurrences with nothing in common point to one grim possibility.

General Morden isn't the only menace to worry about.

In the midst of this, the intelligence agency sees fit to forcefully enact a joint mission between the Sparrows and the Falcons, demanding from the army that Sparrow members be included in a landing assault on a remote
island where Morden's rebel forces have gathered. Analyses reveal the link between Mordern's rebel forces and the mysterious incidents on the island, but GHQ, of course, laughs this off as pish-posh.

The army insists that a connection between the giant creatures and Morden's rebel forces cannot be logically concluded. But through IA's skilful manipulations, the joint mission is half-heartedly approved...

Marco, fearing a breakdown in the chain of command, naturally opposes the joint mission, but, as always, his misgivings are politely ignored. The landing assault is put into effect.
Disgusted, Marco tries to shrug it off.
"Yo!" cries Tarma, waving an arm in greeting.
"Hmph," exclaims Eri, looking away.
"Long time, no see," smiles Fio.

The performance of the prelude to a new battle begins quietly. No one can predict the finale. The tune for this piece of military work is so complex, not even these four may be able to carry it.

But one thing can be sure. The battle's climax will arrive in a prodigious crescendo of terror.

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