This is the first time to introduce the System applied to KOF2000I

Will 34 characters in total, KOF in the millennium summer is coming!!
The new systemwSTRIKER SYSTEMx: Just one year past from KOF 1999.
This summer, KOF is coming again! You can use 34 characters in total.
2 characters for your free edit and 8 teams! 
In KOF 2000, the Striker System is all the more exciting.
"Activate Striker Sytem" make it possible to summon a Striker anytime you desire, during jumps, attacks, and after body tosses! Use a Striker effectively and get the victory!!

KOF 2000 uses the wACTIVE STRIKER SYSTEMx, the next phase in the Striker System.
A real evolution for greater freedom in attack combos is here!
With the use of this system, the Summoning of the Striker, greatly limit ed in KOF 1999, can be utilized not only when characters are on the ground, but when they are in the air, attacking, or right before they're being knocked down. 
And when you summon a Striker right after a normal body toss, unleash the exclusive "Bonus Striker Attack." 
This is enabled with the use of 1 Striker Bomb and 1 Power Gauge. 
What's more, with the use of a "DIS" at this time, you lose 1 Power Gauge but get 1 Strike Bomb back.

STRIKER SYSTEM: Teams are made of 4 characters, of which 3 carry on battles and the fourth is used as the "Striker," who specializes in back-up attacks. By pushing the B, C buttons simultaneously during matches, the Striker can be summoned once for every "Strike Bomb" that appears on the bottom of the screen. The initial quantity of Strike Bombs is set at 3 , but a maximum of 5 can be stocked during game play.

The Other Striker Is Each Character's Exclusive Striker!
In KOF 2000, all characters are matched up with a special Striker Charac ter,wThe Other Strikerx.
During Order Select, you can choose a Striker from either the Striker of the character you are using or
the Other Striker characters.
Also, the basic theme of the original KOF, the Appearance of ,
wSNK All Starsxis realized among the Other Strikers. A character line-up brimming with variety is yours for the choosing!
Heat up the VS battlekPower Up Model!!
* Make it possible to use SUPER CANCELATION and awesome chain combos: wCOUNTER MODEx
* Burst out the counter attack when attacked: wARMOR MODEx
Knock out the opponent with the 2 Power Up ModeI
The NEW MAX Super Special Move
KOF2000 does away with the flashing red Life Gauge and lets you use MAX Super Special Moves you have 3 Power Gauge Stocks. The MAX Super Special Moves you can use, however, are limited, and not all Super Special Moves can be used as MAX Super Special Moves. On the other hand, you'll find some Super Special Moves only available in the MAX phase, so start looking!
The revival of Emergency Evasion
The Evasion Moves and Evasion Attacks have also been removed, but the Emergency Escape Move used until KOF'98 has is back! You lose some. You gain some.
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