Time has passed since the existence of Nests, the mysterious secret so ciety, came to light. It has subsequently crept back into the shadows, w ithout a peep of activity.

Meanwhile, in contrast to Nests's dormancy, terrorist attacks have intensified throughout the world.
And Jeidern's troop of mercenaries have discovered that K' and Maxima are behind these.

Jeidern, readying his forces for the immediate pursuit of the two,
receives a timely notice for the commencement of this year's "KOF"c!

The fighters are set to square off all over the world.
Surprisingly, a team including K' and Maxima also appears on the contestant roster!
And, as if beckoned into action, Nests moves to put its Second Project into effect!!

Is the mobilization of Nests's legions a mere coincidence? Or does it mean?!c

Once again a pall of foreboding hovers over the festivities as this year's King of Fighters begins!!

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