What is the MAKING MODE?
  • This mode is available after capturing the KOF mode.
  • In this mode, you can name your favorite character who finds various skills called "TECH" by passing each stories of the mode.
  • Your character can equip two TECHs, and these TECH's combination makes your character the Fighter of your own!
  • The hidden TECHs ( Normal/Hidden/Rare ) amount totally 200 types.

    What is the NEOGEO POCKET MODE?
    In "THE KING OF FIGHTERS --- DREAM MATCH" for DC, player gets point playing VS. CPU battles (single/team). According to the amount of point, player receives the privileges.
  • KO----- 1 point
  • KO by SPECIAL MOVES----- 1 point
  • KO within 10 time counts------ 20 points
  • PARFECT----- 3 points
    *** If player wins with the finish of special move and no damage, it amounts to 5 (1+1+3) points.

    1 Hidden visual graphics
    By storing some fixed points, the door to hidden visual graphic opens. The more player gets points, the more visual graphics are available. These points are also available by downloading the game records from "KING OF FIGHTERS R-2" for NGP&NGPC.

    2 Getting "TECH"s
  • If player stores some fixed points which is set for each character, he or she can upload the TECHs, which each character keeps, to KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 for NGPC and use them in MAKING MODE.
  • Some of 38TECHS (38 each character of DC has one TECH) are available only from KOF DREAM MATCH for DC.

    How to connect NGP&NGPC with DREAM CAST?
    1. Set the disc of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ~ DREAM MATCH in DREAMCAST, and insert the visual memory card.
    2. Insert the cartridge of KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 in NGP ( or NGPC).
    3. Connect NGP ( or NGPC) with DREAMCAST by the NEOGEO POCKET/DREAMCAST LINK CABLE (sold separately).

    *** Please read carefully the manual of each related software to learn how to connect NGP(or NGPC) and DREAM CAST correctly.
    *** NEOGEO POCKET/DREAMCAST LINK CABLE is sold separately.

    The requirement to get Hidden TECHs and Rare TECHs.
    Hidden TECHs and Rare TECHs appear by capturing each stage as Normal TECHs.

    The first probability of Hidden TECH's appearance is 4%. But if TECH doesn't appear, the probability is accumulated and at the 25th times, you never fail to get Hidden TECH.
    This probability of the appearance doesn't change by the game's difficulty.

    In case of Rare TECH, the probability of its appearance is not accumulated. But the probability change according to the game's difficulty.

    Easy--------- 0 %
    Normal----- 3 %
    Hard-------- 6%

    When the requirements of Hidden TECH and Rare TECH are met at the same time, Hidden TECH is taken priority over Rare TECH.

    Raise the level of TECH
    From the 5th victory, the probability of TECH's level-up become 10%, and another 10% is accumulated after each victory.

  • Eye-Popping Dreamcast/NEOGEO POCKET Communication !
    Upload/Download Data for the Best of Both Game Worlds!

    Connection Procedures
  • Insert the "KOF Dream Match 1999" game CD-ROM and visual memory (sold separately) into the SEGA Dreamcast console.
  • Insert the "King of Fighters R-2" software cartridge into the SNK NEOGEO POCKET (or NEOGEO POCKET COLOR).
  • Link the SEGA Dreamcast and SNK NEOGEO POCKET (or NEOGEO POCKET COLOR) together with the SNK NEOGEO POCKET/DREAMCAST LINK CABLE (sold separately).
    *For further details on connection procedures consult the user's manual for each software title.

    The "King of Fighters R-2" Advantage: Get New SKILLs!
    Obtain new SKILLs by downloading items you receive based on the CPU battle results of each character in the Dreamcast software title, "KOF Dream Match 1999." In addition to normal SKILLS, find ways to receive RARE SKILLs and HIDDEN SKILLS. And you can even get your hands on awesome ULTRA RARE SKILLs in the Dreamcast version only! Keep punching and kicking away to acquire all SKILLs available and turn your character into the ultimate battler!!!

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