Before SNK died, I tried to make a mirror of their site.  I used a tiny little application called wget to download the pages and graphics.  For the most part, I was successful, but as I looked closer, there are many graphics (and some HTML pages) missing.  So, I took a small amount of the pages from the Internet Wayback Machine's archive of the SNK site, but the site is still incomplete.  Anyway, I would still like to make this archive available to the public, since I have most of the web pages available.

There is also this sitemap that I tried to create. Have a look.

Everything herein has been taken from the, now defunct, "SNK CORPORATION" website.


I have 2 starting points:

  1. The original page which was "last up to date 2001-10-12."
  2. This is how the front page looked before SNK said goodbye.

    This older page has a nice link directly to the English version of the website, and just for reference, it has another nice link to the Japanese version of the website.


  3. The farewell page which was "Final up to date 2001-10-29."
  4. This is how the front page looked once SNK finally closed their doors.


If you need to contact me for any reasons pertaining to this archive, please e-mail me at freeplaytech - AT - gmail - D.0.T. - com.